Think Stations

Development Centres for ages 7-14


Reading comprehension is the ability to read, understand, process, and recall text.

It is a crucial skill needed both at school as well as later on at work. Children with good comprehension skills do better academically in subjects like math, science and social sciences.

THINK ENGLISH has been designed to help children build English comprehension and critical thinking skills. The greatest advantage is that the program starts at the student’s current reading level and helps them progress to become confident learners. Improvement in language skills directly results in academic gains in all subjects taught in English.

The program builds reading and listening comprehension; writing, grammar, vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

How does THINK ENGLISH help other subjects?

Rote learning is learning without understanding – what you learn sits in your short term memory and is soon lost. Rote learning actually requires more effort! Further, students are unable to answer restructured questions because they have not processed or comprehended the text. Children who are good with math calculations start to struggle with word problems because they are unable to understand what is being asked. They are unable to apply science concepts because that too requires understanding versus definition memorisation.

Inability to decode questions is a common problem. If questions are not directly picked from text, children struggle to answer them.This is where THINK ENGLISH helps. The program helps children move from rote learning to learning with understanding. Once they are able to comprehend, they progress to building analytical and critical thinking skills. The academic gains are phenomenal.

Our Edge

THINK ENGLISH is a levelled program that starts at the level your child is at. The program has been designed and written by experts from the US, the UK and India. While developing language skills is the focus the program is designed to test and increase ability in other subjects taught in English. Improvement in general knowledge is just a by-product!

Our writers have more than 15 years of experience in this area. Here are some reasons why THINK ENGLISH is the best option.

  • - Coded text and different reading levels
  • - Written by language experts
  • - Indian context, global approach
  • - Augments the curriculum
  • - Multiple skill, multiple media – text, video and audio