Think Stations

Development Centres for ages 7-14

About Think Stations

At Think Stations, we’ve spent years researching and collaborating with educators, psychologists and sociologists from the US, UK and India. We focus on building a stronger foundation that makes children life long learners. Our programmes bring in the best content and training, developed around the globe, to ensure children build skills that are required in today’s world. Research and international partnerships have driven the educational content at Think Stations. The top line of advisors includes Marie Brown, an award-winning US education content specialist, Colin Rose, the UK-based founder of Accelerated Learning Systems, Pramod Bhasin, Founder and Vice Chairman GENPACT and Abha Sehgal, Principal, Sanskriti School.

Benefits of Think Stations

mind graphics
Focus on Understanding versus Rote Improved written and verbal communication
Better academic performance Development of a positive attitude
Foundation for SAT, GMAT and other tests Boost in self-confidence
Improves Critical Thinking Independent and lateral thinking
Better English language capabilities Overall development