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COMPREHEND is an all-encompassing English comprehension and critical thinking programme that uses digital formats to improve a child’s audio, visual and written comprehension. Children are exposed to material across media - print, audio, websites, videos, menus, advertisements and even brochures. They start with the development of simple language skills, and progress to higher order thinking skills such as inferences, fact and opinion and cause and effect.


What is unique about the programme is that it identifies where children are at, in terms of reading levels, and starts from that level, so that they can slowly build their English language skills. COMPREHEND is available for grades 1-8. Our research shows an improvement of approximately 20-25% in academic scores after one year of Comprehend Program.

Progression Of Skills

Our lessons cover a range of topics that include science, geography, history, epics, culture, literature and renowned personalities.

The skills covered in this program include:

Main idea Inferences
Details Drawing conclusions
Context Following directions
Sequence Facts and Opinion
Readers Cause and Effect

Progression In Time

thinkstation teacher

“You need comprehension skills to excel in any sphere of life. Whether you are a sportsman, musician or an academician!”

- Ambika Gulati, The Millennium School, Dubai
Ex- Head of Middle School, Sanskriti School New Delhi